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David Francis Cook​


​​​​​​​For those of you who may not have read the author’s first book, in this trilogy of the ‘LEGACY SERIES’, and for many of you who have already read the first book, The author wants to help you reflect, by giving you an overview on the story so far.

 James Bannerman age fourteen, at the untimely death of his father Collin, in 1958, becomes the 10th Earl of Penbroke. He is destined to receive at the age of 21, a considerable inheritance from his family’s estate.

 The key element in ‘Book 1, ‘The Rise to Power’, is the collection of artifacts that lie in the East Wing of their English country estate, Penbroke Court. ‘The Throne’, which looks like no traditional monarch’s throne, is the prize of the collection, but no one at first understands its origin. These artifacts have been collected from various parts of the world, by the Seventh Earl, during the mid nineteenth century.

 James instinctively understands ‘The Throne,’ after reading the notes left behind from the Seventh Earl. He realizes that this ‘Throne’ is not from this age of man, but from the previous civilization of Atlantis, which ended at the end of the last ice age in 10,000 BC. He quickly learns that it is merely a teleportation device, and after having the nerve to sit on the famous throne, he travels through a vortex to a higher dimension to meet his master and guides, where he is told that he too was on Atlantis.

 He learns that it was he who had the throne saved, by having it taken to Egypt before the demise of Atlantis and his own life. Now reincarnated 12,000 years later, he works hard against opposition to make sure the throne is preserved and held for posterity. After restoration, ‘The Throne Room’, is eventually opened to the public as an exhibit to be known worldwide. People now learn the incredible history of the throne and the story of not only how to reach our guides for our life’s direction, but to understand just how advanced the previous civilization of Atlantis was.

 James’s mother Phillipa, the Countess and his sisters Felicity(Flick), and Rebecca (Becky) play a significant role in the continuing saga. Other characters like Claudia, who was the estates administrator, Sir Thomas Ringstone, his legal advisor, as well as Peter his schoolfriend, his sister Kate and their mother, Sarah, all continue into the second book.  

‘The Temptation to Greed.’

 James girlfriend, Sabrina, also continues with the story. After reaching his 21st birthday, James stands at the head of his forefathers’ empire in shipping, merchant banking and property. The second book leads the reader on, to witness James’s meteoric rise on the world scene, only to learn his true destiny, purpose and fortune within the universe, is far more important.

 The author weaves a great family tapestry of, love affairs, temptation and greed through this, underlying journey of higher vision and spiritual evolvement. The second book continues on from 1965 and takes us up to the year 1980.

 The first book tackles the age old question of ‘why, are we here?’ and the second book answers the very purpose for our being here on Earth, and ‘how we should reach that goal we all desire?’ These two books hold the key and the gateway, for the last and third book in this riveting trilogy, for the very survival of who and what we are.